Welcome to my Home Page! Today I teach physics at ITES “Bertrand Russell – Aldo Moro – Guarino Guarini “ in Turin, Italy.  In a previous life, I graduated in Physics at Università di Pisa and then I got  a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at Politecnico di Torino, where I also worked as  Post-Doc student and as Contract Professor. I also collaborated with Università di Torino and I am research associated at INFN. Click here if you want to know my research interests. I was born and grow up in Montemilone in Basilicata/Lucania (this is a very old web site I created some years ago! It deserves a restyling, and I hope to be able to do it one day or in another life).  Eventually, I enjoy spending my winter at Montgènevre: so close to heaven, even though you are not  a skier!